How much will it cost to live in Kathmandu for a month?


December 19, 2018



How much will it cost to live in Kathmandu for a month?

I write this article based on how much I spent for a month in Kathmandu. This is a question I believe a lot of people are interested to find out. If not just ignore reading it. I stayed in Kathmandu for on and off for 4 years now. At least 6 months in a year, on and off going out and coming in. And, this time, I rented a house near to Thamel area, to cut down expensive price charged of hotel stays starting 1st March 2017 and now is May 2017. Averagely, Nepal is beautiful, surrounded by the snow-peaked Himalayas range of mountains. However, due to overpopulated, dried mountains weather, and lack of proper government cares, Kathmandu is considered one of the dustiest and polluted cities in the world. The problem of pollution is getting worst after the 8.7 magnitude earthquake two years ago, which cost more than 10 000 life. Since then, a lot of constructions are on-going and living costs are getting more and more expensive days in and outs. Shortage of water and electricity are the main two issues in Nepal, even though since 1st Feb 2017, Nepal government declared no more load-shedding in Kathmandu, however, due to unstable environment condition such as storms and rains, electricity cut off still a common issue for us who do not live in hotels but houses and apartments.